Risk Assessment and Detection for ACL injury

Don't let ACL injuries take you or your team by surprise. Our unique RadACL service empowers coaches and physios to plan for success by understanding and addressing ACL risk factors in their athletes.

From a 30-minute scan we deliver a full biomechanical report, highlighting the risk of injury and giving recommendations for targeted training.

In the dynamic world of sports, ACL injuries pose a substantial threat to the longevity of an athlete's career, confidence in their performance as well as costing clubs results and money when star players miss games.

RadACL offers a streamlined solution to preempt ACL injury and keep your players in the game.

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Clear Results

Scan results clearly indicate the level of risk and give tailored recommendations for training adaptations.

They are accessible both to athletes, who need a clear indication of how to reduce their risk of injury, and healthcare professionals who want to dig into the detail.

Improvement Tracking

Physios and coaches can track an athlete's improvement, giving peace of mind that training is having the correct outcome and providing actionable insights into areas for further improvement.

Team Management

Track your team's scan results with overview statistics, making it easier to see the big picture. Stay ahead of the game, monitor progress, and elevate your team's performance with new insights.

Empower your team's success and keep your athletes in the game. Invest in the future of injury prevention with RadACL.

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